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I can’t even tell you how very grateful I am to this beautiful soul Maria. My mother had been very sick for a long time with Alzheimer’s disease. She had finally come to the point where she had to be placed into hospice. For our family this was a blessing because we knew that soon she would finally be at peace. I know that may sound harsh to some of you but unless you have experienced this horrible disease with your own loved one you will not understand. Anyway, she was in hospice for a week and she just wasn’t letting go. I knew deep in my heart something was holding her back. I called Maria to ask for help and she was absolutely amazing. She stayed on the phone with me and told me exactly what it was that was holding her back. My sister and I had a feeling of what it was and Maria confirmed it, not knowing anything about my family. She explained to me what my mother needed to hear from us so that she would feel comfortable with letting go. And I kid you not, within 2 hours of talking to Maria and having our talk with my mother she passed away peacefully. I have to say, it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I cannot thank you enough Maria for what you did for me and my family. I hope that you can feel the gratitude I have for what you did. My heart is just swelling with it as I write this. Shortly after the passing of my mother, Maria did a reading for me and my sister. We walked away from that reading with a sense of peace about everything we were holding on to and couldn’t let go of ourselves. And we also were blessed with a lot of input about each of our journeys here. So I have to say, if you are thinking about getting a reading from Maria don’t hesitate! You WILL NOT be disappointed. She is a blessing. God bless you.
— Sharon M.
My mother passed away in September, 2015. It was Maria who contacted my daughter that morning urging her to come to my parents’ home quickly because my mother was transitioning. We knew my mother didn’t have long before she passed, but felt it wasn’t going to happen that day. That day’s events were incredible …Maria predicted, step-by-step, the oncoming events; she knew things about my mother that only few people knew. Maria knew my mother was frightened while transitioning and told us where to find her rosary, which would give her great comfort. After we found the rosary, mom passed a few minutes after I placed the rosary in her hands. After that day, I knew Maria was the real thing. It was late October, 2015 when I visited Maria for my first reading. Maria was spot-on and has enlightened me tremendously. To this day, occurrences have been happening which reminds me that mom is around watching over me.
— Diane K.
I recently began working with Maria and I feel like I have known her for a lifetime…or two…or three! She is personable and fun to work with but, more importantly, she is truly gifted. The details that Maria has honed in on while working with me have been remarkable and her suggestions and guidance have been outstanding. They have made marked differences in my life. Not only does she have the innate ability of being able to tap into the messages that energies are choosing to give to her, she has the talent to counsel you on the messages she’s receiving. Recently, I came to a serious crossroads in my career and, if I had not had a session with her, I would’ve made the wrong choices. This came to light very quickly after I followed her advice. She said it wouldn’t be easy at first and when it wasn’t, I just calmed myself and listened to her words in my mind. It has been comforting being more focused and on the right track.To say that she has had a profound impact on my life is an understatement.It should be said that I am a skeptic – not about the ability to be in tune with energies (especially, on the level of quantum physics), but about people claiming that they have the ability to do so. Maria is seriously the “Real McCoy”. Fakes are not able to provide specific places, objects, and background the way she has with me. It is one thing to be in tune with desperate and anxious people, then attempt to give them hope, and another altogether to be precise with genuine concern for helping someone focus and take the best path that they can in this lifetime. My path definitely got better when it crossed with Maria’s!
— Tam H.
Maria’s vision is careful, deep, and compassionate.In the fall of 2014, I received a psychic reading from Maria. The reading covered immediate circumstances and long range issues. One issue in particular puzzled me. Maria indicated that someone I knew, someone who had been to my house, was “between the worlds, deciding whether to stay here or pass from this world.” This did not seem to apply to anyone I knew, yet Maria asserted that this was so. Three months later, time unveiled the truth of Maria’s words, and Maria’s insight that “her work here is not done” has been a source of deep comfort and reassurance to the person involved. I continue to refer to my reading, gaining new insights from the reading over time. Maria has also helped other people I know, offering hope in times of crisis. Maria is a blessing to work with. With warmth and caring, she connects this world with other dimensions of Spirit. My experience with Maria is that each reading is a unique gift that can help a person grow and experience the joy of their life.
— Sheryl D.
Maria was there for me right when I needed her. She gave me a ton of valuable insight, and messages. It was truly a moving experience to speak to her and connect with her. She made me feel she had time for me and so much to offer. Her connection to things from my past were incredibly, movingly, “right on” and she gave me the gift of knowing how to move forward in a healthy, loving, way. I especially loved what she could tap into from my loved ones who have passed on. It’s amazing what she was able to tell me. She’s a joy to speak with and really makes you feel valued and affirmed. She truly has a special gift that is to be shared, and anyone who receives it, will be moved.
— Jamie D.
I recently had my first psychic reading ever. It’s not that I was a non-believer or a skeptic, it’s just not something I’ve been into or that any of my friends have ever suggested doing together. I believe there’s something “out there,” but the closest my family gets to this stuff is membership in the DAR. I’ve seen blips of “Long Island Medium” but never thought about checking it out myself…then along came Maria.Maria’s brother has a home on my island where I plan weddings and am the star of TLC’s “Wedding Island,” now airing on FOX all over Europe and Latin America. We’ve been Facebook friends through her brother, and when she came to visit the island, she asked if she could come by and visit me. She also messaged me that she wanted to give me a reading… and that was something new for me.I like to think I know how to handle pretty much anything you throw my way, but asking to come bring me some messages you’ve been getting about me from the great beyond? I was a little scared. But I didn’t say no.Before I could wimp out and change my mind, I invited Maria to my office. I had no idea of what to expect, but I can tell you this for sure: I got more from talking with Maria than I would have anticipated if I’d been watching psychic television shows all my life. There was no way she could have known some of the things she sat down and told me – it just isn’t possible. I didn’t ask many questions at first – I let her tell me what she wanted to tell me. Ten minutes into it, I was completely fascinated.Within minutes, Maria told me things about myself, my family, my marriage and my business that NOBODY other than my husband knows. When I finally got brave enough to want to connect with a loved one who had died, she did it instantaneously. And I’m telling you for sure – that was EXACTLY the person I wanted to talk to and Maria never could have known about anything that she told me he had to say. And it was right on target.I was shaken up by the time Maria was done with me. I was exhausted. Physically and emotionally drained although it was just, really, an intense conversation while sitting at my desk in my office. I’m still absorbing the entire experience after a week. As a newbie to the entire concept of the psychic world, I don’t know if I want to know more or ask more questions because I’m fairly certain Maria has many of the answers. Maria Navi is the real deal. She’s literally psychic and she can see right into my past, my present and my future. I don’t remember signing a release for that (joking), but it appears she has unlimited access to the deepest hidden parts of my soul. I just need to be brave enough to continue the conversation. For somebody who has dabbled in psychic readings and hasn’t found the right person to help them get in touch with themselves and their loved ones, Maria is the woman to talk to. This isn’t an advertisement anybody asked me to do – this is the truth. I didn’t go looking for a psychic – she found me because she had messages for me. And they were real.
— Sandy Malone, TLC Wedding Island
Maria was amazing with the spiritual guidance she provided when I was conducting a job search. Maria predicted that I was going to get a job before I even had an interview! Sure enough I received an exciting new job offer. Maria also taught me how to rid my house of negative energy and that made my mind very settled and at peace. Thank you Maria.
— Jason M.
I must share this story about my reading with Maria. Initially, my session with Maria started as a healing session (besides being an amazing psychic, Maria is also a gifted healer). As she was working on my back she casually asked, “Who is the aunt that used to put on the Christmas plays?” My jaw dropped to the floor! I stammered, “Uh…uh…what Christmas plays?” She confidently replied, “You know, the Christmas plays you and your cousins would act out on Christmas Day.” I was stunned! I sheepishly replied, “That was my Aunt Theresa…we called her Aunt Trey. She would write up these outrageous plays and every Christmas all of the nieces and nephews would act the play out…unfortunately, she passed away a long time ago at an early age.” As tears began to well upon the realization of how cool my Aunt was and how much I missed her, Maria casually stated, “She’s standing right next to you.” Chills ran through me! I could actually sense my aunt’s presence! You can’t fake this and you certainly cannot discover information like this on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter! My only response after my session was that which many utter after a reading with Maria – she is the Real Deal!
— Seth A.
Death can be a very frightening and heavy aspect of our lives but my experience letting go of my mom was made better by having Maria’s insight into how she was truly feeling. I reached out to Maria as my mom was passing over, and she was able to pick up on aspects of my mom’s transition that helped start the journey of healing for myself and siblings. My mom came through to Maria with thoughts that made so much sense and that we needed to hear in order to let her pass as peaceful as possible. I felt so much love and warmth from Maria as she translated the messages from my mom. A few days after my mom’s passing Maria called me and said my mom had a message for me...she was showing her yellow roses. We included yellow roses for her funeral and they day of I received a card in the mail with heavy symbolism relating to my mom including a bouquet of yellow roses on the front. I knew it was my mom’s way of telling me she was still here with me and that Maria is someone I can turn to in times when I feel lost or need clarity. I encourage everyone to consult Maria if they are experiencing or have experienced the death of a loved one, she provided so much comfort to me and helped me understand the journey after life. I will absolutely continue working with Maria as I work through the loss of my mother.
— Brittany D.
My consultation with Maria was very helpful and rewarding. She was able to quickly see what was happening in my life and clearly reveal the reasons why these events were occurring. She helped me locate my guides in spirit, spoke of my encounters with others, and gave meaning as to how these experiences were affecting me personally. She did this in a quick, orderly and relaxed manner. I especially appreciated Maria’s ability to get so much information and create a simple and sacred dialogue between the world of spirit and my reality. During the whole reading I felt a presence of love and protection for my life. What I appreciated most was how Maria empowered me with tools for my experiences to reshape and redefine the outcomes of my encounters. My reading ended with so much guidance about what I could do for myself. The reading made a difference in my life and went beyond just receiving psychic information and intervention. I recommend Maria without hesitation.
— Jennifer C.
Before meeting Maria, my knowledge of a “Medium” was very limited. I have not had anyone close in my life pass that I believed to have any connection with. Recently, a very dear friend of mine suggested that I speak with Maria as I was questioning myself, my career, my relationships and my family. I was skeptical, again, as I was unfamiliar with the process and what to expect. Maria, without a doubt, gave me the most REMARKABLE reading. She made me feel as if she had been a part of my life for years, even though it was our very first meeting. The messages she relays are extremely specific, detailed and accurate. None of the vagueness and generalities I have seen with other types of readings. Maria’s skills are fine tuned and she expresses herself with clarity, compassion and just the right amount of humor. One area she covered with incredible precision, was her description of a passed aunt of mine. Maria provided a FULL description of my late aunt. A few examples were explicit details of my aunt’s facial expressions, common sarcastic and foul language she often used and particular outspoken opinions she had. My aunt was a one-of-a-kind! Maria described her as a “motherly figure” and was very protective of me and that she was a an important part of my own mother’s life. My mom had a very deep and close connection with my aunt which is why she has been looking over me knowing that my mom worries about me daily. It was amazing, inspirational and immensely reassuring. Maria showed me the beauty of my soul and gave me faith in my own strength. I am completely thankful to have Maria as my new friend.
— Jenny K.
I have had a couple of readings with Maria and find her to be exceptionally accurate in her ability to get to the core of the issues and advise me kindly and wisely. She was able to bring me very comforting messages from relatives who had passed over and left me with no doubt as to their authenticity. She was even able to describe that my Aunt was holding a dog (which my Aunt ALWAYS did! I was amazed! Thank you Maria for being a wonderful guide when I just need a little “nudge” in the right direction. You always help me refocus and move forward and I am very grateful.
— Maria M.
I recently had the great pleasure of having a psychic reading from Maria. Maria is blessed with the rare gift of being able to clearly channel from spirit. She is a conscious, kind and loving being with the purest and highest of intentions. Having gifts of my own, I can affirm that her reading for me was completely accurate, precise and exactly what I needed to hear. My reading was positive and the content of the reading was clearly aimed at assisting me along my path. The reading was concise and to the point without rambling or generalities. Maria was very confident, skilled, and objective and at no point in the reading did I feel judged or feel in the least bit uncomfortable. Simply put, SHE NAILED IT! Without hesitation, I highly recommend Maria’s services as a psychic reader.
— Dennis D., Solaris Energetic Healing LLC
What a beautiful night! My loved one came thru with flying colors! Maria was spot on with my reading. She was sensitive and understanding with the message my mother conveyed to my brother who is facing many problems. The message gave my brother the answer he needed with the dignity he deserves. Thank you Maria!
— Nancy
Maria gave me so much insight with the several readings I have had with her. I dumped my therapist and decided to take insider advice from the Soul through Maria. The messages that she conveyed to me were much more profound than the treatment I had received from my therapist over the past decade. Simply put, Maria helped me learn to calm my anxieties and distinguish between fiction and reality. I have always had a difficult time quieting my mind and talking myself “off the ledge” (not literally) until Maria gave me a mantra that would change everything for me. She told me every morning to plant my feet on the ground and imagine roots from a tree to help me feel grounded. And to quietly say out loud “I will only see what is true. I will only believe what is true. Only show me what is true.” Immediately I began to see a difference, allowing my Soul to show me what is right in front of me and not allowing my mind to manifest silly concoctions that don’t exist.Maria also taught me how to recognize my high-anxiety moments and calm them. She gave me exercises, homework, ideas and messages to continue my growth. I immediately saw a huge difference in my current relationship as she informed me that the “negative things I’m searching for may be created by my own negative energy”. When I consistently recited her mantra, giving myself breaks when becoming tongue-tied and thinking more positively, my current relationship with my boyfriend took a positive turn. Our communication has become more constructive, my anxieties have quieted down and I feel better about my decisions (actually making decisions) from her insight and advice. I still have my “whackadoo moments” but they only last a few moments rather than spiraling into days or even weeks.Along with her visions on my path to happiness, she was able to include humorous moments of my late aunt who always wanted to be “in the know” and playing practical jokes on the family by reminding me how she was conveniently positioned within earshot of our discussions.Maria is a blessing and I hope she knows how much I value her and her many insights.
— Jenny
Having you over with a house full of friends you brought comfort, insight and peace to ALL. I will be coming back to you time and time again. Thanks!
— Carolyn
You are a talented lady with the spirits…OMG you are right on!!! Thank you for helping me find peace.
— Lynn
Maria is an amazing person. She has helped me in a dark time more than once. Her messages are accurate and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for her help. I can begin to heal now, I was not sure if I would. She helped me see hope and inspiration when I could not see none. I am forever grateful, I hope that she may be able touch others lives, like she has touched mine!
— Adrienne S.
I am a skeptical 50 yr. old man…formerly a confused, skeptical 50 yr. old man! I did not know where to get answers to the issues in my life. After meeting with I can HONESTLY say that I am a believer in her. She gave me answers to questions that I didn’t know how to ask and guided me to the path that I am now on. Thank you so much Maria, you are the best!
— Kevin D.
I was introduced to Maria through a close friend, who told me that she was a terrific psychic and Reiki Master. I have received tremendously helpful guidance from Maria on several occasions. The information that she has provided and her guidance have been correct every time, and this is over a period of several months so far. Her ability to share what she is receiving in a way that is gentle even if the information may be troublesome is one of the many reasons I think Maria is one of the best at what she does. I have had both individual and group readings with Maria and would highly recommend either one. If you’re on the fence about this one - DO IT! You’ll be glad you did.
— Dawn B., PhD.
When it rains, it pours. Within a week span, I had lost my position at my internship, my grandma passed away and my boyfriend moved to Minnesota to take up a new job. I was upset about everything that was going on in my life and attempted calling both my best friend and my mother, neither answered my calls. I then contacted Maria about my life struggles that I was going through. She offered me advice, regarding my internship and relationship problems, and part of her advice was a Reiki box. I had never heard of a Reiki box, so Maria told me the instructions and what the purpose of the box was. Skeptical, I decided to try it. I was just about to leave when I asked Maria what kind of box I was supposed to use. Maria told me that she had some extra boxes and that she would grab me one and she came back with an intrigued look on her face. She continued to hold a box in her hand and ask me if I was close with my Grandma, I told her that I was. She continued to ask me if my Grandma liked birds, mind you Maria did not know my Grandma and I had not shared any personal information with her. I said yes, she enjoyed hummingbirds, and that she had a hummingbird tattoo on her ankle. Maria had a box with a hummingbird on it and I instantly couldn’t believe it. Goosebumps ran up and down my arms. So I said what the heck, and decided to write my list of “wants” and put it in my Reiki box. My list included help with my internship, my relationships and for positive things to happen to my friends and family. After I finished my lengthy list, I folded the piece of paper, placed it in my Reiki box, and kissed the top of the box and placed it on a shelf in my room...the next day, I got an email saying that I was placed at a new internship, and that I would be starting immediately on the following Monday. Two days later, I met a new man in Subway of all places, with whom I immediately connected with and proceeded to go on a date with. Both of these things that happened to me were “wants” that were on my list and it was very interesting how quickly it happened after I finished my list. I have seen psychics before that fed me lies and garbage, but Maria did not read my palms, or look into a crystal ball. Instead she simply just taught me to transfer positive energy into things that I want to happen to me and good/positive things will happen. I have never believed the quote “Everything happens for a reason” more than I have since I kissed the top of that Reiki box. Thank you Maria for your selfless guidance and direction!
— Chelsea E.
I recently called Maria for assistance on the fifth day that my 79 year old aunt lay “unresponsive” in the hospital. As a health care professional and healer myself I was preparing my family for the worst while still praying for a miracle. Unable to get any conclusive details from the medical team assigned to her case, I knew that with each day that passed the likelihood of a favorable recovery diminished. Fatigued, frightened and frustrated I called Maria who was able to relay critical information about what was happening with my aunt when medical science and other psychics could not! Maria and her guides were able to communicate with my aunt when she could not speak for herself. The information Maria shared during this time was later validated by my aunt. Maria was accurate and very specific while others were generic and vague. Maria reminded me to trust my instincts and with her “spot on” precise insight I am happy to report my aunt has made 100% recovery and is loving life! I have recommended Maria to others who have also reported great results. My family and I are so grateful for the guidance and direction given to us by Maria.Thank you Maria
— Dr. Ronda D.
I scheduled a reading after talking to a friend about her experience. I was nervous, but Maria made me feel very comfortable right away. I have lost several loved ones in my immediate family, way too early and unexpectedly, so I kind of expected that I could be hearing from quite a few people. I thought they would probably tell me that they were in a better place and okay. I did not expect how they were right there with an exact description of things that were going on in my life, and my children’s lives, and helped me to see the big picture on why things were happening they way they were. I got advice on how to help many situations, some that I didn’t even realize were happening, but have since found out that they were. Maria was amazingly accurate. It was like talking to someone who already knew my past, but knew it better, and with more insight than I did! Since the reading, I have been able to talk to my children and provide them with a sense of peace and solutions for some problems they were having, and as a mother, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. My experience with Maria was a life changing experience, for the better. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity.
— Erika S.
I wanted to thank Maria for all the support she gave me during the final days of my moms life. She was wonderful. She answered many questions and put my mind at piece. She was there whenever I had a questions! I would highly recommend her.
— Patti M.
I sought a reading with Maria after being confronted with an unexpected personal loss that caused sorrow and fear about the future. I felt buried by my suffering and unable to see a clear path forward. Maria provided me with tremendously useful guidance and insight, which not only aided in my personal healing process, but helped me find my own spiritual path. Meeting with Maria marked a turning point for me. She is an incredibly gifted and compassionate person, and I would recommend her services to anyone who needs guidance or who is having trouble connecting with their own intuitive voice.
— Ruth G.
I went to Maria looking for guidance to help me deal with a current life struggle that I have felt stuck in for the past year. She instantly honed in on details of my situation that were nuanced and very personal. Through her words and warmth I was able to see what steps had to be taken to find clarity. She helped me realize that a situation I am facing is outside of my control and that no level of dedication or fear will help me move forward - this job is now up to someone else. Maria was spot on with details that no one else could have known which was further evidence to me that she is an extremely gifted psychic whose practice is enhanced by her overall compassion and tenderness. I look forward to continue working with Maria, I see the overall healing benefits her insight has in my life - it is nourishing to the soul.
— Brittany D.
Maria gave me so much insight with the several readings I’ve had with her. i dumped my therapist and decided to take insider advice from the soul through Maria. the messages that she conveyed to me were much more profound than the treatment i had received from my therapist over the past decade. Simply, Maria helped me learn to calm my anxieties and distinguish between fiction and reality. i have always had a difficult time quieting my mind and talking myself “off the ledge” (not literally) until Maria gave me a mantra that would change everything for me. She told me every morning to plant my feet on the ground and imagine roots from a tree to help me feel grounded and to quietly say out loud “I will only see what is true. I will only believe what is true. Only show me what is true.” Immediately I began to see a difference, allowing my soul to show me what is right in front of me and not allowing my mind to manifest silly concoctions that don’t exist.

Maria taught me how to recognize my high-anxiety moments and calm them. She gave me exercises, homework, ideas and messages to continue my growth. i immediately saw a huge difference in my current relationship as she informed me the “negative things I’m searching for may be created by my own negative energy”. When I consistently recited her mantra, giving myself breaks when becoming tongue-tied and thinking more positively, my current relationship with my boyfriend took a positive turn. Our communication has become more constructive, my anxieties have quieted down and i feel better about my decisions (actually making decisions) from her insight and advice. i still have whackadoo moments but they only last a few “moments” rather than spiraling into days or even weeks. Along with her visions on my path to happiness, she was able to include humorous moments of my late aunt who always wanted to be in “the know” and playing practical jokes on the family by reminding me how she was conveniently positioned within earshot of our discussions. Maria is one of my many blessings and I hope she knows how much she means to me.
— Jenny
I have to say this past week was the hardest week of my life. My daughter and I were to fly out on Feb. 5th to surprise my Grandma for her 91st birthday. We had to change our plans quickly after we heard my Grandma had fallen and shattered her right hip and broke her right shoulder. The dr.’s were debating on giving my Grandma the 2 surgeries that were need to fix her. Realizing that my Grandma would not survive the surgeries they decided to not perform them. We got on a plane that Monday night and on Tuesday morning went right to the hospital. There, I found My Gram in a ton of pain from her injuries. She barley recognized us because she was so out of it. The Dr.’s said that there was nothing else they could do for her except to keep her comfortable. So, they sent her back to the home where lived with hospice care. That afternoon my Gram looked up at me and said she was sorry. I told her there was nothing to be sorry for and that we were here for her. For the next few days my Gram was getting worse off. Unable to eat and take her meds.On Saturday Maria, contacted me . She asked me how I was doing and how my Gram was. I told her that my Gram was not doing well and I didn’t understand why she was hanging on. Maria told me to let her know that I am ok and that it was ok to leave us. I did just that. During this time my Gram was calling out for her Mommy. I told my Gram to go find her Mommy and her daughter (my Aunt that had passed from MS). I told Maria that I don’t know why it is taking her Mom so long to help guide her over to the other side. Maria informed me that my Grandfather was in the room with her at the foot of her bed and he was going be the one to help her. Also ,she said that there was a childhood dog there too. Which was amazing because I was talking to my Gram about all the old stories she used to tell us about when she was little and her dog Trixie. All day Saturday My Gram was mumbling and talking to someone or many people. Her eyes were going all over and then fixed up at the ceiling. I continued to talk to my Gram asking her if she understood what I was saying to her. I said blink if you hear what I am saying and she did. I spoke to Maria on the phone and told her I didn’t want to leave my Gram like this. I asked her if she felt that she would pass while I was there and Maria said that she felt my Gram would pass as soon as my daughter and I left. On Tuesday morning my daughter and I went to the airport. My Gram was not doing good the night before. Her breathes were getting much slower. I called my brother form the airport and I told him to tell Gram that Sarah and I are at the airport and were on our way back to Michigan. Minutes later my Gram took her very last breath. She passed just before my daughter and I boarded the plane. I am so grateful for Maria’s guidance. She has helped me through a very tough time in my life. My Gram was not only my Grandmother she was my best friend. I can’t thank Maria enough!
— Alisa V.
From the very beginning of my session with Maria I experienced a great sense of release and every single aspect of my life that she touched upon started healing. My father passed over many years ago and I thought him completely gone and all links between my father and I completely broken, but with Maria I learned that I was wrong. She was able to bridge a communication between my father and I, and she helped me to realize that my father has always been there for guidance. I consider Maria to be of a high level mediator between this world and the higher worlds.
— Paul R.
I went to Maria feeling confused and stressed out about many things in my life! The second I walked through her door I felt comfortable and at ease. Maria is kind and made me feel safe. My reading confirmed that my grandma is always near me. I always feel her and Maria said she is always with you! The energy in the room was loving and positive! I hope to have a reading with Maria again sometime soon!
— Julie B.
Maria is amazing! I had never gotten a reading from a psychic before. After meeting Maria and hearing of her psychic abilities I came to a group reading at her home. I brought a friend and we were both given readings that gave us guidance to issues in our lives. She hit core issues that are things we need to work on to move forward in life. It was so interesting how she would bring forth a person’s guide or a helping spirit that had a message for the person. She worked around the room and was given important messages for each person. It was fascinating to watch her work and to see the people respond affirmatively to the things she was communicating. I am considering a private session to see what else my guides can help me with! She is truly gifted and has a sweet, friendly demeanor that puts everyone at ease. I will highly recommend her to family and friends.I do energy work and healing, I am a psychologist and social worker.
— Roxanne S.
I have a large family, six sisters and three brothers. Mom and Dad have passed. Early one morning I got a call informing me that my sister was on the way to the hospital…they suspected she had a heart attack. Hours later, she was put on life support and they were testing her brain to see if she had any brain activity…I was SCARED to death. What should I do? My husband and I talked and we decided to call Maria.She and I talked and I told her about my sister. Maria said, “I don’t deliver bad news and I’m not sure I can help you today.” I told Maria that I TRUSTED her and please tell me as I need to prepare myself and family for what we could be facing. Maria paused and then said that my sister was not going to make it. My heart broke…but in some crazy way I already knew.Over the course of the next five days, Maria and I talked several times. My sister had lived a very chaotic life! She had burned a lot of bridges. She had left her husband of 18 years…her children were not living with her. Then Maria called me one night and said my sister was very upset and that she needed to feel beautiful. So I called my family that was sitting with her 24/7 and told them that they needed to take make her beautiful…brush her hair…paint her nails…put pretty pajamas on her. When her children came to visit her the next morning they noticed right away and told her, “Mom you’re so pretty!”! I heard that and called Maria to thank her for conveying my sister’s unhappiness. Well that was not the end of her communicating! She had MANY things unresolved and it was through Maria that she began to convey her wishes and concerns. As Maria would receive messages from my sister, she would call me and I would deliver the message. Her husband received the most amazing message. He was relieved that so much was answered. As for the rest of us brothers and sisters, the hospital felt it very important that we hold a celebration for her as we just found out she would be giving one of her kidneys. As I said before, we have a large family and we all live in different places. Technology was put in place and we all got to Skype her. We had soft music and a couple of prayers for her…then we all got the chance to say our goodbyes. As this was going on I sent Maria a message to tell her our family was saying their goodbyes. Within minutes Maria sent a very large text and said your sister needs to talk to all of us. I was scared they would not understand. Could I do this in front of all of them?? I felt my Mom tell me, “Be brave sweet girl.” So I began to read the messages from our sister. We all cried!!! She did an AMAZING job of easing the pain of this TERRIBLE day.That night our sister became an angel and her last moment on this earth she gave back to save another life. As the days passed all eight of my siblings wanted the text messages from our sister. We hold her last words dear to us, as she could not physically talk the last six days of her life. Maria, how could any of us THANK YOU? You gave us answers that healed us…that helped us understand our sister better and now we know she is at peace. Maria is REAL! She can help people that have not yet crossed over and get their message delivered, so when they cross over, they can do so with NO REGRETS How beautiful! I feel this is Maria’s calling as she truly is the best at helping people that ‘get stuck’ before they cross over.All eight of us, plus many more, BELIEVE in you Maria and we will never forget how you helped us through this difficult time. As for me, I will be having Maria read for me as the times need and I trust her with my whole heart.I love you Maria and thank you!
— Carolyn V.
I just finished having a reading with Maria and I have never felt so connected to the Truth in my life. I have had a few readings in my life, some from very good intuitives, but this was in a class by itself. The level of detail and insight that came through has blown my mind. I am a registered nurse and the information she gave me will not only help my own spiritual/professional path, but I believe my patient’s well-being as well. I cannot recommend her enough - she just may change your life! Her guidance was not only spot on, but powerful enough to help bring immediate healing. Thank you Maria! God Bless you!
— Heather P.
Where do I even begin? I found Maria while searching Facebook because I felt drawn to her…like something said yes; this is the one to contact. Maria got me on her schedule as soon as possible which in itself blew me away. Talking to Maria was like connecting with an old friend. My guides gave her so much info I wrote several pages and never felt like she was rushing through…or stopping at a certain point. She connected me with people that had passed in a way that was comfortable and gave me so much peace. One in particular was a friend whose passing was very hard for me almost ten years ago. Another was my father who was not very present when I was younger. She said things that only he could have said...because she used his words…and there is no mistaking the way he was! Along with connecting with those who had passed, she also mentioned my guides and what they were telling her. They confirmed feelings I had been having. I felt validated. It was like finally I know to trust my gut, because it’s them. I will definitely be speaking with Maria again soon!
— Ashley S.
I recently had the extreme pleasure of meeting with Maria, a very gifted psychic medium. The moment I walked through the door, I knew I made the right decision, I felt like I was visiting with a friend. Maria’s energy is so calming, which puts you at ease immediately. Maria is truly a gifted psychic. She picked up on my family members who have passed on, and made me feel so good that everyone came to, “speak,” with her. This made me feel so loved. I feel like a have a team that watches over me, and I can move forward with confidence. I am coming out of the other side of grieving the loss of my twin soul, and choosing to live and manifest beautiful new beginnings for this stage of my life. Everything she told me validates what I feel in my heart and soul, and with her insights, Maria gave me strength to move forward. I now know that I am on the right path, and look forward to my journey. Thank you Maria!!!!! She also picked up on my son and daughter, and was spot on with what they are going through in their lives—she suggested some things I could do to help them help themselves. Maria really cares, and gives her all to her readings. I am a cheerleader for this remarkable soul. If you have questions, want validation, need reassurance, or whatever your needs, you owe it to yourself to experience Maria and her abilities and energy. Thank you Maria for your beautiful gift that you bestow on everyone that comes to see you.
— Mary Ann J.