Psychic Medium


Frequently asked questions


Q: Is a reading better in person or by phone?
A: A reading is the same either in person or by phone. It is really a matter of convenience for clients who choose by phone.

Q: Can I ask questions during a reading?
A: Absolutely. It is YOUR reading. You guide the reading as much as you wish. It is a great idea to make up a list of questions before the reading to make sure all of your questions are answered.

Q: What kind of information and/or images do you get when you do a reading?
A: That depends on the person and the specific reading. I get messages through your deceased loved ones showing me pictures. Sometimes they take me through the family photos or movies. I will "hear" them or they will give me a "feeling" such as a heart attack. If they smoked I might start smelling a cigar or cigarette. I ALWAYS ask the client not to give me details or any information just a yes or no if something needs to be validated.

Q: How do I know If a sign or interaction is "real"?
A: Signs are a way our loved ones communicate with us. They are by our side ready to help when asked. Signs can come in times of loss,happiness and grief....whenever you need them. When you call on your loved ones they will send signs as reassurance they are still around. Look for the signs they are real.

Q: Can I learn about my past lives from you?
A: Yes! I do past life readings. Your guides and loved ones can tell me details about your experiences and places you have lived.

Q: Do our pets come through in a reading?
A: Pets do come through in a reading and they are usually with one of our departed loved ones. Characteristics of your pet will come through with a message.